The Tea Shop Intellects

Every street here in Nepal is full of restaurants, cafe and usually small tea shops. The shop extends to accommodate a few tables and chairs and sometimes only few benches. The shopkeeper there is busy boiling more of hot water mixed with a little milk and the benches and tables are full of intellects more intelligent than any philosopher or any leader.

Usually in the evening time the tea shops are crowded with those intellects. Whatever they do all day long, in the evening they come out with a hot topic to talk about. This meeting here usually is a simple way to kill the boredom but looks to be different for the ones involved.  Usually when some incident occurs in national politics or some revolutionary event occurs, the intellects here gather for a conclusion. Every person in this context acts as if he is the one who knows what the solution is or what would have been the right decision. All of them have their own  ideology and a response.

The President or the Prime Minister seem to be less intellect infront of them. The discussion gets much stronger, strong enough to have other few cups of tea and to make the shopkeeper more money. But as the last cup of tea starts to turn cold, so does the enthusiasm of the Tea Intellects. These groups of people are those citizens who actually have understood something which  is the only reason why they could interpret such complex issues. But on the other hand they are also the dumbest of the citizens. When anything goes wrong, many people start jumping in the streets giving that riot the name of criticism. But to the extent that I have understood those jumping jacks just are a bunch of fools who never had the word “Revolution” in their dictionary. And during that time when the Jumping Jacks are busy in the streets, the Tea Intellects are busy to set a platform for their selfish needs.

They wait to reach the intellect’s meeting and open the Big Mouth. The patriotism is the handkerchief that is brought out only at the time of need. I belong to the same group of intellects too. I curse myself for that many times because I remember being taught the meaning of patriotism in childhood and reading the stories of those patriots due to whom I have an identity today. If the Tea Intellects try to be active enough to show their concern even a little actively, that could bring many changes and that’s a reality. The concern expressed by the people who actually have some clue of what is happening would be vastly different from the hooligans who enjoy jumping in the street. It’s really a crucial time to think about what we have been today. Patriotism should no more be taken as a joke. Patriotism is not just the topic of an elocution program in the Tea Shop. Patriotism is an active concern towards the nation. Talks at Tea Shop would take us nowhere until actions are taken. It’s high time to move the chariot of development forward rather than watching the nation go back towards the darkness.

Bisesh Sangat Written by:

I am a Communication Practitioner. I mainly work with people and try to feel their story. I also am a music lover, a traveller and I am a huge Manchester United fan.

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