Social Media for Business in Nepal

As a marketing and communication practitioner, I see social media as one of the strongest media platform in the recent days which has been growing much stronger with the increase of social media users day after day in Nepal. As a student of marketing, I believe ‘word of mouth’ is the most effective form of marketing and social media gives an open and accessible space for all individuals to share their views, positive or negative, easily.

An article by Emily Copp in Hootsuite’s blog rightly points out the benefits of social media for business. While it has been a platform to gain valuable insights of the customers and run targeted ads with real time results, social media also helps to figure out what competitors have been doing and build stronger relationships with the customers.  //

An article published in Forbes (// strongly highlights on how social media facilitate in recognition of brands and how they could contribute to customers being more loyal to the brand. The interesting part of social media is the ‘Humanization element’ as a lot of interactions are required which makes the specific brand livelier and creates more opportunities for customers to convert.

Therefore, businesses should now start to

  1. Engage

Businesses should have their presence in the social media and start engaging with the customers.

  1. Nurture

Businesses should be analytical and find innovative ways to nurture their relationships with the loyal customers and convert the potential ones.

  • Retain

While it takes split seconds to lose a customer in the age of social media, retaining the existing ones should now be a strategy

Though the need might be seen very small currently, it is high time for businesses to start increasing and strengthening their presence in social media. The rapidly growing technology and people’s accessibility will soon bring in more users and enthusiasts in the near future and the businesses worldwide focusing on social media is an interesting thing to look at including the changes in the Indian market.



My Name is Bisesh Sangat and I am a marketing and communication practitioner with five years of experience in the same field. You can follow me on twitter at @BiseshSangat.


Bisesh Sangat Written by:

I am a Communication Practitioner. I mainly work with people and try to feel their story. I also am a music lover, a traveller and I am a huge Manchester United fan.

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